Consulting Approach

"I believe consulting services can be best defined by my commitment to help clients focus on areas of their financial program (individual or corporate entity) often resulting in better utilization of specific areas of the tax code."

My client service philosophy begins with a complete understanding of all client assets and the functions they currently serve. Client goals are established and assets are Managed within an individually designed asset allocation.  Client suitability will always be consistant with their needs and preferences while reviews will serve to monitor and measure results.

My Process

The process of building, utilizing and preserving wealth begins typically with the business retirement plan funded by the employee and employer. The foundation for building assets on a pre-tax basis is exemplified by providing retirement plan consulting services to the employer, while assisting plan participants with their self directed role.

The Utilization of Assets involves Retirement Planning and risk engineering. The employer sponsored plan provides an investment vehicle and an educational means for the plan participant and plan sponsor to think in terms of retirement planning. What a great advantage it is for the plan participant to be able to work with a licensed professional familiar with plan specific benefits.

The asset preservation stage is best represented by Fixed Income Portfolio Management Services.  For many years I have assisted in the management of Estates and Trusts.  The preservation of assets is spoken rule for the continuance of wealth transfer from generation to generation.